Local League playoff (Niagara District Hockey League)

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LOCAL LEAGUE Round robin PLAYOFFS   Feb 5th   to March 7th 


1)  FINAL DAY to play regular season games:
U 9   MD and U 9  LL    no playoffs   

Can play their full ice games until March 31st 
however, the seeding for the Final weekend will be based on the win % on March 9th   



 U11  LL,   U13 LL,    U15 LL,   U18 LL

SEEDING for the POD A, B and C will be done FEB 4th   using win % after the final game of the day.


U 13LL  and U11 LL :   Last game at  4:30 pm  -    so cut off will be 7 pm 

U 15LL  and U18 LL :   Last game at  7:00 pm  -    so cut off will be 9:30 pm 


CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND  -Saturday March 23- Sunday March 24th   

(possibly a few on Friday night if needed)  The schedule (without the teams) will be available online no later than March 1st.  

WELLAND    Pod A  and Pod C      

Port Colborne Pod B and U9 Md and U9LL 
Pod A, B, and C  Finals will be in Port Colborne on Sunday. 

West Niagara   U8 LL and U8 MD


3)PLAYOFF FORMAT  for the round robin games  

True round robin within the pod.  

SEEDING  and dividing teams into  PODS to be created on Feb 4th  using win %

PLAYOFF Games to be played between   Feb 7th and March 8th   (4 weekends) 

If games are scheduled March 9, 10, 11th (first weekend of March break or anytime during March break) both centers must agree and these dates must be approved by Peter  in an email with both centers cc’d

Pods of 8,  will play 4 home/ 3 away  

Pods of 7,  will play 3 home / 3 away. 

Teams can play during the day on Family Day weekend and double headers on weekends are permitted.  

Superbowl Sunday no games after 3pm unless both teams agree. 

Regular stop time, same as regular season. No overtime.

One time out per team, per game.   

All efforts will be made to avoid curfews, however curfews may occur.  Curfew must be entered on game sheet prior to the game.   

Top 4 teams after round robin will advance to championship weekend.  

Cancellation of playoff games is frowned upon.

Monday March 18th,  through Wednesday March 20th  are reserved for possible tie breakers.