Constitution (Niagara District Hockey League)



CONSTITUTION 2022 - 2023




   The name of the organization shall be the Niagara District Hockey League hereinafter referred to as the “NDHL”, operating as a minor hockey league and deriving its authority from the Ontario Minor Hockey Association referred to as the “OMHA”.



[a]        To provide every participant with a fun filled hockey experience within the best possible environment.


[b]       To develop a high concept of self by allowing players to contribute equitably to the team success.


[c]        To instill a desire to belong and participate by practicing and playing.


[d]       To utilize positive motivational techniques.


[e]        To be emphatic, fair and consistent.


[f]        To instill and develop discipline, cooperation, loyalty, emotional stability and a desire to achieve.


[g]        To foster co-operation, sportsmanship and friendship among competing centres.




   This league shall seek OMHA approval and agrees to accept and enforce all OMHA rulings.




  1. Membership in this league shall be composed of minor hockey teams who shall agree to and abide by and comply with the rules of this league. All teams wishing to play in the NDHL shall first have the consent of the OMHA
  2. Membership teams shall be broken down into two categories herein Representative (A/B/BB/C/CC/AE/MD) known as "REP” and House League known as “LOCAL LEAGUE”
  3. Membership wishing to join into the NDHL will incur a one time fee of $500.00 / association (nonrefundable and valid as long as active membership)




[a]        To be held once a month, August to March, on the 3rd Monday (when possible) at a designated site (determined at August meeting annually). All meetings are to be recorded.


[b]       Voting at these meetings is confined to NDHL Executives and the Association Reps (one vote per centre).


[c]        A quorum shall consist of two members of the executive and a majority of the Association Representatives.


[d]       Guests are welcomed at these meetings and are allowed to speak for “the good of minor hockey”.


[e]        Guests wishing to address the NDHL must be placed on the agenda five days prior to the meeting date.




[a]        The annual general meeting (AGM) of the NDHL shall be held on the third Monday of April at a designated site to be announced prior to the meeting.


[b]       Each centre is permitted one (1) vote only.


[c]        Notices of motion for Constitution amendments shall be submitted to the Secretary, in writing, at least thirty days prior to the annual meeting. These notices of motions may be submitted by the NDHL Executive and/or Association Representatives.

            NDHL Executive submissions shall be signed by two Executive members (President and Secretary). Submissions from Association Representatives shall be signed by an Executive member of his/her Association. All notices of motion shall be circulated in writing to each member Association no later than fourteen days prior to the Annual General meeting.


[d]       Articles of this Constitution can be altered, rescinded or new ones adopted, at the annual meeting only, by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the eligible voting members present and voting.


[e]        Proxy votes will not be accepted.


[f]        The Annual General Meeting shall be open to ALL working members of the member Associations of the league.



[g]        The order of business at the Annual Meeting shall be as follows:

1.      Reading/Approval of the Minutes from the previous Annual General Meeting.

2.      Reading of the correspondence, notices and other communication.

3.      President’s Address

4.      Vice President Rep / Local League Report(s)

5.      Treasurer’s Report.

6.      Committee Reports.

7.      Associations’ Reports.

8.      Constitutional Amendments.

9.      Elections of Officers (Nominations may be made from the floor).

10.    Adjournment.


[h]          All reports as in [g] above shall be accompanied by a written summary of the year’s activities and one copy of each report shall be made available to each member association at the Annual General Meeting.



   On request of five or more of the member centres concerned, the OMHA Representative and/or President of the NDHL shall be empowered to call a special meeting to deal with specific situations.




[a]        The Executive Officers of the NDHL, elected at the AGM, shall be composed of the following:


1.      The Immediate Past President

2.      A President

3.      A Vice President Rep Hockey

4.      A Vice President Local League Hockey

5.      A Secretary

6.      A Treasurer




1.      The Immediate Past President – Shall participate in all aspects of the NDHL, acting in an advisory capacity. He/She shall serve as Chairman of the Nominating Committee and shall select up to two members of the NDHL to serve on the Nominating Committee. He/She shall present the Nominating Committee’s proposed slate of officers at the Annual Meeting. Voting privileges are not extended to the Past President.


2.      The President – Shall preside at all meetings of the NDHL and oversee all aspects of the NDHL and its sub committees and Vice Presidents of hockey operations. When necessary, may also cast a vote in the event of a tie in voting. He/She shall call meetings of the Executive members, when deemed necessary and act as a signing officer on all documents pertaining to the operation of the League. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees. The President cannot move or second motions. The President shall be elected from a member of the existing Executive. The term will be for one year, with the privilege of being re-elected.


3.      The Vice President Rep / Local League – Shall perform such duties as are assigned by the President and substitute for him/her as required. He/She shall reside governance / operations over each assigned division of hockey (REP / Local League) and may also serve as signing officer if required. The Vice President shall act as chairman of the Playoff Committee and the Awards Committee. The Vice President shall be elected from a member of the governing body, who has sat at least one year in the NDHL. The term will be for one year, with the privilege of being re-elected.


4.      The Secretary – Shall keep an accurate record of the proceedings of the NDHL and maintain an up-to-date mailing list of all officers, Centre Representatives and OMHA Conveners of the League. He/She shall conduct all NDHL correspondence and keep a record, in the form of minutes of all decisions made at meetings. The secretary is responsible for forwarding a copy of the minutes and notices of future meetings to members of the NDHL Executive, the OMHA REM & Conveners and association representatives. The minutes will be a complete and accurate account of each and every meeting including notices of future meetings, no later than fourteen (14) days after the conclusion of each meeting (this includes special meetings). The Secretary shall be elected from a member of the governing body, who has sat for at least one year in the NDHL. The term will be for one year, with the privilege of being re-elected.


5.      The Treasurer – Shall collect and properly record all finances involving the NDHL. He/She shall have the signing authority along with the President and/or Vice President on all documents on behalf of the League. The Treasurer shall be elected from a member of the governing body who has sat for at least one year in the NDHL. The term will be for one year, with the privilege of being re-elected.


6.      Scheduler(s) – shall be appointed and selected by each VP of operations and agreed upon by NDHL executive – Scheduler(s) are a PAID position determined annually by NDHL executives




Association Representatives – Shall be appointed by each Association in the League. It is his/her responsibility to see that the League functions smoothly and make his/her Association aware of its commitments to the League, and the OMHA. He/She shall distribute League literature to his/her Association when required. The Association representatives shall have the right to vote. Alternate association representatives shall be named by each association to act as a representative in the absence of the duly appointed representative. In all cases, each association will be limited to a single vote on any and all issues.




OMHA Representative (Regional Director)– Shall be elected or appointed by the OMHA. He/She will keep the League informed on OMHA rules, changes, etc. He/She will be responsible for suspensions (with concurrence of the league).


[e]        If the office of the President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer becomes vacant (due to death, prolong illness, resignation, etc.), the President (or his/her designate) can appoint a person from the floor to fulfil the duties of the vacant office(s) on an interim basis. A by-election shall be held at the earliest convenience, (normally the next scheduled meeting), to fill the vacant office(s).




   Any substantial changes, additions, or deletions to the By-Laws or playing rules shall be in the form of a notice of motion to be circulated at least fourteen (14) days in advance of the next regular monthly meeting.




Matters that may be protested

[a]        A game official’s rule application which in the opinion of the aggrieved team may be incorrect and may have given the opposition team a distinct advantage.


[b]       The participation of a player or team official deemed to be ineligible.


[c]        A violation of any NDHL, OMHA, OHF or Hockey Canada rule, regulation or policy deemed to have had a significant and legitimate affect on the outcome of the game.


Matters that may not be protested

[d]       A game official’s discretion and judgment of the rules.



[e]        All protests shall be filed with the NDHL, OMHA REM, and the NDHL Association Representative of the opposing team, postmarked by registered mail and emailed or fax, within forty-eight (48) hours of the receipt of the protest; accompanied by a fee of $200.00 made payable to the NDHL. The protest shall set out rules and regulations, supported by evidence and shall be signed by the Coach or Manager and the NDHL League Representative of the protesting team.


[f]        Email or Mail a defence statement, if necessary, filed with the NDHL, OMHA RD within forty-eight (48) hours of the receipt of the protest.


[g]        The hearing, if necessary, shall be at the call of the NDHL, OMHA RD and he/she shall notify the Protest Committee and the teams involved of the time and location of the meeting.


[h]       The Protest Committee shall include the NDHL President, OMHA RD, one NDHL Executive Member, one other NDHL Member not directly involved, the appropriate Convenor and the Referee Supervisor. The Referee Supervisor will be present but may not vote.


[i]         The decision of the Protest Committee shall be final at the League level. The protest fee of $200.00 is returnable only if the protest is won.


[j]        The decision of the Protest Committee will be issued in writing with a copy sent to the teams involved. The original shall be filed by the League Secretary for future reference.




   Any team or person, subject to disciplinary action by this League, shall have the right to appeal the decision to the OMHA Executive and the final decision of the OMHA shall be binding on all concerned. Appeals must be made in writing to the OMHA Executive Manager with a copy to the Secretary of the League and a copy to the OMHA Executive Member.


           NOTE: To make our League work, we must be firm BUT fair in our demands from the teams and their Representatives.




                                       NOTE: CONSTITUTION LAST REVISED AND EDITED OCTOBER 2022